Junior Prince Final a Hit

After 16 rounds the Junior Prince series wrapped up in a fantastic final in Wanganui on Sunday 6th August.  With around a hundred people in attendance the juniors played well many showing a lot of talent for the sport.  The sportsmanship was fantastic by both p[layers and parents making for an enjoyable day.

The top 8 boys and top 8 girls took home amazing prince raquet bags.  The top 5 players were awarded coaching scholarships from Squash Central and there were loads of spot prizes to be won as well keeping all happy.

The overall series winner was Wanganui’s Maximus Mathews on 116 points.   Maximus played all 16 rounds which is a huge effort in our large geographically spread district.  The top 5 players overall who received coaching scholarships were:


1.     Maximus Mathews (WG) 116pts

2.     Blake Hoskin (WG) 110pts

3.     Kory O’hara (TH) 105 pts

4.     Maddison O’hara (TH) 100pts

5.     Thomas Mitchell (FD) 95 pts


Congratulations to the top 8 Boys and Girls as well who took home the Prince bags, they were:



1.     Maximus Mathews (WG) 116pts

2.     Blake Hoskin (WG) 110pts

3.     Kory O’hara (TH) 105 pts

4.     Thomas Mitchell (FD) 95 pts

5.     Thor Darlington (WG) 75 pts

6.     Josh Hammond (TH) 74 pts

7.     Matthew Chilcott (PN) 73 pts

8.     Nicolas Mitchell (FD) 67 pts



1.     Maddison O’hara (TH) 100pts

2.     Aria Bannister (WG) 67pts

3.     Annabel Chilcott (PN) 64 pts

4.     Katie Cormack (TR) 44pts

5.     Amber Mabey (TR) 38 pts

6.     Zoe Rapson (RC) 37 pts

7.     Gabrielle Bevins (SF) 33pts

8.     Ella Makara (SF) 29pts



Well done to all that played.  On behalf of Squash Central we hope you all enjoyed the series be sure to check out a few of the tournaments in clubs near you most have J grade divisions.  Of course a huge thank you goes to our sponsor Prince please support them when purchasing your next piece of squash gear.


We hope to have another series in 2018 so if your still J grade be sure to look out for it.