Waikato One Dayer

Saturday the 28th April Central Sent a team of 14 to Taumarunui to take on Waikato in our Annual one day challenge.  The competition against Waikato is a new one and is only in its fourth year with Waikato winning every year thus far.  

On the Day each player plays a morning and afternoon game against Waikato players with points going towards the team tally.  At the lunch time break Central was up 7 matches to 5 with four 5 setters which we had lost.  The afternoon was looking to be a close battle.  

The afternoon bought another lot of 5 setters but eventually Central defeated Waikato for the first time taking it 16 matches to 8.  Manager Rod Bannister commented it was great to have local legend Tamsyn Leevey return to her home club of Taumarunui but in the Central colours this time.  Also a big congratulations to Bryce McKenzie and Hugh Jackson who made their representative debuts and played amazing squash.

The Central Line up was 


Tamsyn Leevey (KP)
Mickayla Kerr (SG)
Courtney Trail (SG)
Di Tasker (RG)
Jacinta Harrison (KP)
Chelsea Aim. (KP)


Kent Darlington (WG)
Allan Bailey (SG)
Jordan Bell (SG)
Dylan Budge (OH)
Hugh Jackson (SG)
Bryce McKenzie. (RC)

Coach and Managers Grant Watts & Rod Bannister.