Get your teams together - it's Super Champs time!

It's my favourite time of year, Super Champs.  Clubs form teams of 5 + players all of the same grade on the 15th June grading list.

 This team heads to the District elimination round over the weekend of 10 - 12th August where the winners get to head off to Nationals to take on the winners from other districts.  This is always a fiercely competitive competition but a huge amount of fun as well.  So chuck your name up at your club and start training.  The beauty of this competition is anyone of any grade has an opportunity to become a National Champion.  You will forge some great friendships along the way, so give it a crack.  If your club is not going to be able to make a team for your grade you can play for another club.  Requests for transfers need to be to the District Captain no later than 12th June so there is time to get you changed over before the 15th.

The important dates are as follows: Gradings taken from 15th June grading list, Entries close 13th June and the competition takes place 10 -12th August.  Nationals are on 26 - 29th November.  

Hosts for this year are 

Grade District Hosts National Hosts
B Kawaroa Park Kawaroa Park
C Hawera HBSRC
D Waitara Oamaru
E Dannevike Burnside CHCH
F Tararua Otago

We have a dedicated Super Champs page on the website so head over there for more info.