2024 Series

The Prince series is a great thing to be part of, many of our juniors who are representing Squash Central and Squash NZ all began in the Prince tour over the years.  The players all form long lasting friendships, learn to understand and adapt to the competitiveness of squash,  and learn to score/reff in a friendly safe environment.

Central Squash has been supporting the growth of our juniors in the district for 20 years and are incredibly grateful for our long standing sponsors Prince.  The Prince Series runs on Sundays throughout the squash season, all over the Central District.  Due to calendar restraints, occasionally two prince series may run on the same day at different ends of the region.  


The Junior Prince Series is open to all juniors under 200 points.  

  • players may drop back under the points requirement as they play and their SquashLevel fluctuates and if they do so, they are allowed to play.  
  • Provided a player is below 200 points at the start of the series, they can continue to play throughout the series, however we understand there may not always be a suitable draw available for them.  If there is any doubt, please contact the Junior Convener.  
  • A junior is a player under 19 years old.
  • Ungraded juniors need to be on the grading list and be a financial member of a club before competing. 
  • Players should be able to serve with some consistency (grading requirement).
  • Photos and points will be updated to our website and social media weekly.  
  • Players are expected to be at the hosting club ready for play by 9:30am. Please remember the clubs are trying to get through 3 games for everyone.



$1000+ worth of Prince Squash prizes will be presented to the top eight boys and top eight girls at the conclusion of the series final.  We can not thank Prince enough for their continued sponsorship of this event.  


Squash Central will also award five coaching scholarships valued at $100 each.  


Prize Criteria

For every Prince Series tournament you play, you will automatically be entered into the running! Points will be awarded as follows: 

• Tournament Played - 5 points 

• Matches Won - 1 point 

• Division Won - 2 points 

A maximum of 10 points can be awarded each round to ensure no unfair advantage.  

1 point will be awarded for a bye win when it was no fault of the player and was one of their 3 guaranteed games.

Points will be updated regularly on our website www.centralsquash.co.nz under Juniors, Prince Junior Tournaments.


We will only count the results of your top 5 tournaments.   Throughout the series you can keep trying to better your tournaments, but make sure you get to at least 5 tournaments to be in to win!  

Note: By entering any Squash Central event,  you agree to your photograph being used in photography promoting the event unless you advise the tournament organiser prior.

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