Summer Squash Fitness Programmes

Please take the time to carefully read the notes below before beginning the program.


Important things to note – anyone Under 15, or new to a fitness program should use the beginner program. We want to build a culture of fit squash players by having our juniors learn how to push themselves. The very important first step to this process is easing into it, giving young bodies enough time to recover and absorb the training. Anyone under 15, or new to fitness should think of this program as an introduction to fitness. In February we want to hear that everyone felt confident to give it a go, we won’t be looking for world champion fitness results.


We have included an advanced program for those players (over 15 years old) who are experienced at fitness training. This is a very high-quality program and will be a great resource for the right people. If there are exercises you don’t recognize please youtube them to find a demonstration video. If you begin this program and find it is too challenging feel free to switch to the beginner.


The program begins with fitness testing. By the end of this week players should aim to complete 6x 30 seconds of court sprints (recording each length completed, including half lengths). Also, a 2km time trials. It is preferable that these are completed on different days, if not possible, a long break in between is acceptable. Completing this fitness test will give us a base line so players can see how much they improve through their training. Hopefully improving their motivation to continue working hard.

Coaching Opportunities

Central Squash has a number of qualified coaches available, contact through the District Secretary, Pauline Chapman is advised to secure any coaching opportunities you may wish to pursue. 
If you are interesting in becoming a coach, we can help you with that as well.  
Squash New Zealand has developed online learning modules for various levels of coaching which can be backed up with a practical course run periodically by SNZ.
For more information check out their Coaching page on the website. https://squashnz.co.nz/coach/index.cfm#

Jason Fletcher is our coaching facilitator who develops coaches and their skills, if you are keen to learn to coach or improve on your current skills, get in touch with us and we will make a plan for you and mentor you through the process.