Club Resources

Below you will find frequently requested files for Central Squash Clubs.  If it is not here check out the Organisation Resources page or contact your District Administrator on admin@squashcentral.co.nz
Buddy Clubs

Each year a Squash Central Committee member is matched up with a club.  This is called the Buddy Club system and those committee members will be in touch with their buddy clubs and will attend a committee meeting or two throughout the year to offer advice and guidance as to how Squash Central can help the club to progress and grow.

Hosting Guidelines
If you opted to host a District event this year there are guidlines specific to each event.  Please referance the event you are hosting for this year and if you have any questions at all contact the District Administrator.  Squash Central will work in partnership with the host club to deliver the best possible event for members.

Club Leadership Guide
Specially developed for Squash Clubs and written by former Central Squash Board member and "leadership" guru, Trevor Johnston. The guide covers the importance of "good" leadership and "how to grow" clubs. Includes notes on how to construct and develop Club Business Plans, People Plans, plus selecting & training leaders. Also includes basic role descriptions and templates, with many examples.

Downloadable Draws
Attached are Tournament Draws for Club use, from 4 and 6 Round-Robin draws to full 8, 12 and 16 draws. These are a club resource developed by District Management FREE of charge for Central club use.


Funding Opportunities

There are many organizations that supply funding for projects to sports clubs.  The Squash New Zealand website has some useful information as well as a spreadsheet of organizations and their contact details.  This spreadsheet is attached and has been editing to only list those that fund organizations in the Central District.

Advice on completing funding applications can be found at the following link.

Funding Applications

If you require further advice please don't hesitate to contact your District Secretary - Pauline Slovak.

It is very important to develop and maintain relationships with funders, particularly if you have been successful in receiving funding. There are some very simple things that we recommend you do, to ensure a positive ongoing relationship...

  • thank the funder, as many times as you can
  • keep your paperwork in order as the project goes so that the accountability report will be easy
  • be honest about spending (eg. if you want to change the donation slightly from the quotes, just ask them - they will usually be fine)
  • engage with the funders (eg. send them photos, letters, thank you cards etc)
  • complete the accountability report ON TIME (ask for an extension beforehand if necessary)


Referees are an integral part of our sport and anyone can become a squash referee. By doing so you'll develop observation, leadership, confidence and communication skills to be able to manage a squash game.  For more information check out the Squash NZ website or contact New Zealand Refereeing Manager Mike Jack on mikejack@xtra.co.nz.


Central Squash offers coaching of coaches programmes to develop and support our coaches throughout the district.  

Coaches are available to all member clubs to work with all level of members. Please contact Squash Central on admin@squashcentral.co.nz for more information about arrainging sessions at your club.

We have a seperate page dedicated to coaching here Coaching page


National Coach Development Framework

The Squash NZ National Coach Development framework is modular based. It is developed nationally and delivered regionally. There is a lot of information avaliable around this on the Squash NZ website Check It Out 

Squash Drill & Routines

Click on the following link for a vast array of drills and routines, from lobs, drives, boasts, drops...a fantastic file to download and add to your training session!

CoachForce Framework

CoachForce Framework