A Thrilling Journey at Nationals!

The National Graded Championships concluded with great success for the Central Squash Team hosted by Henderson Squash Club. They brought their A-game, a lot of energy, and some friendly competition to the courts.

They started strong on day one with 9 wins and 4 losses, setting the tone. Day two had its challenges, but the team rallied in the afternoon, scoring some key wins. The final day began with a bang, a 5-match winning streak setting the stage for exciting final matchups.

Malachy O’Connor and Matt Nation were stars of the show, battling through intense 5-set matches. Malachy emerged as the C Grade men's champion, while Matt narrowly missed out but snagged the Runner-Up spot in the fiercely competitive A Grade men's category.

Here’s how they placed overall:

A Matt Nation 2nd Abbie Holmes 5th
B Liam Burnard 4th Keisha Juffermans 3rd
C Malachy O'Connor 1st Kayla Ryan 4th
D John Laurenson 5th Cindy Leong 5th
E Campbell Harding 3rd Renee Clegg 4th
F/J Shaun Miles 3rd Rosalie Dowman 4th
    Throughout the tournament, the Central Squash Team exemplified sportsmanship and solidarity, with teammates actively supporting each other through every match. Their dedication and commitment were evident in their performances, where they pushed themselves and left it all on the court.  Leaving with trophies and big smiles, the Central Squash Team made sure the other districts knew they weren’t just playing a game, they were having fun while doing it!